Carbon Farmer Contributions




Today was a great day at AL13 head quarters as we got a chance to put together plaques that will be going out to some of valued customers.


Each plaque recognizes how many trees were planted because of a specific project. Our collaboration with The Carbon Farmer has allowed us to build meaningful relationships with some great architects and installers through a great cause. No project is too big or small to make a real difference.

With definitive care and concern for the environment that we all share, we believe that it is just as essential to ensure that habitat is sustained and conserved for the many plants, animals and insects who call forests home, as it is to provide dwellings for humans that are created with sustainability at the forefront of design. That is why this initiative is a win win for everybody (and everything) involved.

It has been a real pleasure to watch this initiative grow and we can wait to see what the future has in store for this great partnership.

You can learn more about the The Caron Farmer here.



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