Our head AL13 office has moved


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This last month has been an exciting one for us at the head AL13 office in Vancouver. We have decided to merge our head sales office downtown with our richmond warehouse location under a new roof in Delta. Bringing the entire Vancouver team to together under one roof has been a great experience for everyone and we are thrilled to get the team working together.

Moving is never easy (especially when you are dealing with warehouse spaces) but we have found a new space that really lets the team work with the space they need. We are just as passionate about the quality of our work space for our employees as the product it self so it gives us great pleasure to bring the west coast team together like this.

Our new address is at 1364 Cliveden Ave. Delta BC. Canada V3M 6K2.

Come drop by any time and say hi to the AL13 team.

We hope to see you soon.



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