Introducing the v-line system


launch_image4_01Looking back on all of the projects we have been a part of since our inception has been a great source of pride for us this year. It has been amazing to see both the size and quality of AL13 installations consistently on the rise. Throughout it all, we continue to aim in helping our customers find easy solutions for the sometimes very complex problems of the ever-evolving building industry.

Through the success of our original panel system product, we are very proud to be able to go to market with our next cladding system. Our v-line system brings a powerful new cladding tool to architects, installers and general contractors. We can’t wait to see what you do with it.


Are you looking to have a clean, modern wood façade for your next project but concerned about the durability and longevity of using a wood product?

Introducing the v-line system. Our new system solves this problem as it is made entirely of aluminum but it has the warm tones of woods. And because it is made of aluminum, it won’t warp, rot or peel like traditional wood products. It’s virtually maintenance free!


The v-line system gives the look of traditional wood siding with all the added structural and durability benefits of metal. And to give you more reason to love our v-line system, we made it available in 6 wood grains and over 40 standard solid and metallic colors.

Curious for more? Head over to our website to get more information.

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