New shots from NDT Global project


NDT AL13-14

We just got some stunning shots back from a new build in Leduc, Alberta. The NDT Global building features a clean mix of our Silver Metallic, Brilliant White and Midnight Black panels. Since its foundation, NDT Global has been setting new standards in pipeline inspection – onshore, offshore, all over the world. Wherever they work, they are raising the bar for first run success rates, rapid reporting and environmental protection. Continuous improvement, trust and a spirit of partnership are the cornerstones of their success

Designed by Planworks Architecture Inc. built by Westpoint Contracting this modern build showcases the clean lines and interesting colour juxtaposition that AL13 is known for. Our metal panel system was also chosen for its ability to expand and contract during all weather conditions as the temperatures in Ludac can vary wildly from day to day and season to season.

NDT AL13-10 NDT AL13-12 NDT AL13-7 NDT AL13-13 NDT AL13


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