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AL13 is strongly committed to giving back to the community and environment we live and work in. We have linked up with a multitude of local charities since our inception and we take great pride partnering with people and organizations who are striving to make a positive impact. It is in these types of relationships that we find great meaning and satisfaction in what we do.

AL13 is thrilled to donate a portion of the metal panel product used to the new Pacific Autism Centre building. This gorgeous design created by Vancouver based NSDA Architects is a one of a kind project that aims to help all individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families across the province and beyond. We feel strongly that this foundation is doing wonderful things in their space and we could not be happier to help out with this wonderful cause.

You can learn more about the amazing things they are going here and read more about the centre below.




Within the next decade, we aim to help BC become the best place in the world for people with ASD and their families.


The Pacific Autism Family Centre (PAFC) is a proposed centre of excellence and network of supports for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families across the province and beyond. The PAFC’s core purpose is to be a Knowledge Centre: Bringing together state of the art resources for research, information, learning, assessment, treatment and support; and building capacity to address the lifespan needs of individuals with ASD, and their families across BC. The goal is to ensure that the Centre builds upon existing lifespan services while at the same time addressing the need for support and services across the province.

The project is being sponsored by the not-for-profit Pacific Autism Family Centre Foundation (PAFCF) and will be operated by the Pacific Autism Family Centre Society. The PAFC initiative is a grassroots project created by the BC autism community with a goal to bring together a collaboration of services to fill the service and resource gaps in BC and Canada.

The planning of the PAFC has been a collaborative process involving families, individuals with ASD, clinicians, community professionals, researchers and representatives of government within the framework of the PAFC Advisory Committee. The PAFC will be an important addition to the resources available to families with children or adults on the autism spectrum in BC.

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A Centre Unlike Any Other

magnificent, 60,000–square-foot building, that will be specifically designed to meet the unique needs of children, youth, families and adults with ASD. Calming, family-friendly spaces with soft lighting will house clinics, labs, classrooms, observation rooms, multidisciplinary research spaces, libraries, and family information kiosks. The PAFC is designed to provide an open, unique and collaborative environment for some of BC’s most prominent and proven non-profit autism service organizations across the province.

Improving the way all parts of BC’s autism community interact and support families is at the heart of the concept. PAFC will help provide a “one-stop-shop” for desperate families looking for support to navigate the vast sea of information, it will also lead to new ideas, innovative solutions and novel streams of research that may never have come to light when services are provided within silos.

The PAFC will provide the opportunity for all these stakeholders to work together towards new solutions. Solutions that are within our grasp. State-of-the-art clinics, wired classrooms and lecture theatres, distance learning programs and new technology will allow for ideas and services to spread beyond the walls and enable a massive outreach effort to serve the entire province.

Donors to the Pacific Autism Family Centre will be true visionaries, helping to stake out new frontiers in 21st-century healthcare, education, social justice, and social innovation. In addition to building a lifeline for families, they will also be impacting every aspect of society and community, with provincial, national and, in time, global impact.

We at AL13 are eagerly watching this amazing building making new construction progress every day and can’t wait to see the doors open to the public. The blending of an amazing design aesthetic and a worthy cause make it a truly an exciting project to be a part of.

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