Planting One Tree for Every Panel!


Planting One Tree for Every Panel!

Recently at AL13 we have been striving to envision and consider generations well into the future and how we can make a positive impact not only as individuals but as a company. We decided that in addition to powering our office buildings with clean, renewable energy through bullfrog power, AL13 would now partner with The Carbon Farmer.  The goal here is to plant one tree for every panel purchased through sales of our architectural panel system.

With definitive care and concern for the environment that we all share, we believe that it is just as essential to ensure that habitat is sustained and conserved for the many plants, animals and insects who call forests home, as it is to provide dwellings for humans that are created with sustainability at the forefront of design. That is why this initiative is a win win for everybody (and everything) involved.

We are beyond proud of the new partnership with the Carbon Farmer and we can’t wait to watch our forests grow. When we clad the world we plant the world.



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From Brad Rabiey

I grew up just east of Manning, Alberta, on a small farm that has been in my family for three generations. When I learned the world was facing major environmental issues, like habitat loss and climate change, it sparked an idea.

Restoring forests makes a positive impact on both fronts! Being ambitious young farmers
looking for a sustainable way to steward the farm, in 2007 my wife and I started planting trees on sites along the river and wetlands my grandfather should have never cleared of boreal forest in the first place!

We are experts in public outreach and maximizing the positive attention our projects and clients deserve. We recognize the importance of sharing your efforts effectively with the public; not only for the success of our partnership, but also for the corporate social responsibility it represents. Joining The Carbon Farmer family means you and your customers will be making positive change together, building lasting relationships and strong connections.


Brad Rabiey



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