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The AL13 preferred installer program has been set up to reward and nurture those installers who take pride in their work and our product.


Through this win/win partnership, AL13 can help installers land new clients while maintaining a high standard of install success.

Below is a run down of all the benefits and qualifications needed to join the program.  If you have any further questions about the program please don't hesitate to reach out to us at


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General Questions



2x Non ferrous blades 6 1/4" & 10”

2x AL13 Sled

2x suction cups

10x pair of gloves

1x skill saw

1x cordless impact driver set

tool program incentives Get the job done right. Get the right tools.

The Aluminum Composite Panel market is a multi billion dollar industry and through this program, AL13 can help installers land new clients and leads into this emerging market.







access to the ACM market Tap into the huge market of metal panels.

With the AL13 referral program you can increase your client base and get solid leads from all of the AL13 reps and dealers.


Through this program, you can not only gain more traction working with our product but also make new connections in the industry.



jobs via referral program Build your client base though AL13

Decals for trucks

Business cards


Look Book's

Add space on AL13 site

Print Promotions

Hard Hats

Job Site Signs


promotional materials Get AL13 promos to build your reputation.

Installers enrolled in the program will receive a rebate of 5% for every sq/ft converted to AL13.


That adds up to some pretty big savings when dealing with multiple projects or even one or two large ones.

Rebates on AL13 materials
Rebates to installers. Only on AL13 material.
 How to Qualify.
Audits Scores

Must have a total accumulated minimum of 10,000 sqft of Audited installations or 5 completed installations.



Minimum avg. of 90%+ audit scores and maintain avg. scores




Must complete and submit audit form for all installations.




Must promote AL13 as their recommended ACM panel system.




Must Have; insurance, business license, proper equipment and tools, safety training, site safety plan.



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