V-Line Cleaning

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Cleaning, Best Practices

AL13 v-line system is coated with a high performance fluoropolymer coating resistant to significant natural soiling. However, dirt and other deposits may naturally accumulate due to specific environmental, geographic, and atmospheric conditions. A routine annual cleaning is recommended to maintain AL13™'s original aesthetic properties. Rainfall is a natural and effective means of removing dirt and debris in order to keep the external cladding clean. In areas not subject to regular rainfall, cleaning frequency may need to be increased. It is recommended to schedule cleaning of AL13 v-line system in conjunction with regular annual glass cleaning.

  • Surfaces may be cleaned with clean water using a soft brush or sponge free of debris.
  • Avoid excessive rubbing in a localized area.
  • If necessary, surfaces may be cleaned with a mild detergent (pH 6-7) diluted 1 part detergent to 20 parts water.
  • 5-10% IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) solution may be used as an alternate to a mild detergent.
  • Some cleaning products may damage the finish. Using highly acidic or alkaline cleaning agents may corrode the aluminium and paint. If unsure, complete a small test area in an inconspicuous location before proceeding. If the solution results in any irregularities to the finish, discontinue use immediately. Always use all recommended safety precautions including appropriate skin and eye protection to prevent irritations or burns.
  • After cleaning occurs, surfaces should be rinsed with clean water to remove any cleaning agents residue that is left behind.
  • To reduce the appearance of water spots or streaking, surfaces should be squeegeed or wiped dry with a clean cloth or chamois before the water is allowed to do so naturally. Surfaces heated by the sun will dry more quickly.
  • Clean from the bottom up
  • Rinse from the top down.

Do Not

  • Do not clean AL13 v-line system using steel wool, abrasive pads, or abrasive detergents.
  • Do not use strong organic solvents, such as MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone), MIBK (Methyl Iso-butyl Ketone), Triclene and paint thinner.
  • Do not clean AL13 v-line system with highly acidic or alkaline solutions.Do not mix chemicals or cleaning agents.
  • Do not mix chemicals or cleaning agents.
  • Do not clean AL13 v-line system with a pressure washer.