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AL13™ is available in a wide range of colors and finishes. The PPG Duranar finish is applied to the aluminum with a continuous process and baked on at a temperature of 600 degrees Celsius (1112 degrees Fahrenheit). The performance of the coating is tested in accordance with the AAMA 2605 standard.

Solid Colors




Spectrum Process

With the Spectrum Process color matching system you can now design with any color. Whether you have a color code or physical sample, the Spectrum Process color matching system will ensure your project comes out the way you imagined.

Spectrum Process

Color Variance

Due to the high finish quality of the AL13™ system, slight differences in coloration are more apparent than with other products - and despite tight tolerances AL13™ recommends that components originating from different batches not be used for the same project

(Whereas components are defined: panel, end frame, panel frame assembly, etc. Therefore a project may have panel from batch A, and panel frames from batch B, and so on. Our color tolerances are tight enough to allow mixed batches on the same wall, so long as its split by each component.)

The industry standard for color variation from batch to batch production is 2 delta E. However, AL13™'s internal production target is 1 delta E or less. This applies to both solid colors and metallic. The variation within a single batch will also be less than 1 delta E.

AAMA 2605

AAMA-2605 is a voluntary coating standard that is adhered to by coating suppliers. AL13™ components are coated with the Duranar XL coating system which is 3 to 4 coats (to achieve metallic and higher gloss levels) that exceed AAMA-2605. note: our coating/manufacturing facilities are Certified PPG Applicators (for Fluoropolymer Spray Coatings, Duranar, Duracon, etc.)

AAMA 2605


Duranar XL coatings are three-coat systems consisting of a proprietary urethane primer, fluoropolymer color coat, and a clear topcoat to seal and protect the entire system. Offering the perfect solution for projects such as chlorine rooms, sewage treatment facilities, power plants, and paper mills, Duranar XL Plus coatings are exceptionally flexible and highly resistant to abrasion, chalking, fading, chipping and peeling, especially in highly aggressive environments such as industrial and seacoast areas where maximum protection against chemical and salt spray corrosion is required. The coatings are available in a wide range of colors, so you will be sure to find the perfect one for your next project.

duranar by PPG