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AL13 V-line system - 15 YEAR LIMITED PRODUCT WARRANTY, when properly installed and maintained according to the published application. Product is warranted for a period of fifteen (15) years from the date of installation from physical defects. Registration of the product is required for the warranty to be in effect. This warranty is valid for the original purchaser and one other owner of the structure where the product(s) have been installed. This warranty provides the following coverage: (a) splitting or cracking of the product, sustained excessive deformation of the product under normal conditions of use and (b) to be free of any buckling of the product itself that is not associated with the substrate and/or structure to which the AL13 v-line system is attached. For the purpose of this warranty, buckling shall be defined as warping of the product(s) exceeding one eighth of an inch out of plane per linear foot. If AL13, after inspection and verification, determines that the product failed under the terms of this limited warranty, the sole and exclusive remedy follows: within a reasonable amount of time after the inspection, repair or replace (at AL13's discretion) the defective portion of the product, or may refund the owner for the product(s) affected area, and a reasonable cost of installation. During the warranty period following installation, AL13 will compensate the Owner for correcting the affected area(s) (limited to no more than the original cost of installation) until the end of the limited warranty period for the affected area(s).


AL13 - 20 YEAR LIMITED FINISH WARRANTY. AL13 hereby warrants that all finishes on the coated aluminum for 20 years from the date of purchase will not under normal atmospheric conditions. (a) Peel, check or crack except for such slight crazing or cracking as may occur on certain areas of the panel; or (b) (1) Chalk in excess of a numerical rating of 8 measured in accordance with the standard procedures as outlined by the “Standard Methods of Evaluating Degree of Chalking of Exterior Paint” - ASTM D4214-89; or (2) Fade or change in color in excess of 5 color difference units, using ASTM D2244-89 measured on the exposed painted surfaces which have been cleaned of external deposits and chalk and the corresponding values measured on the original or unexposed painted surfaces. It being understood that fading or color changes may not be uniform if the surface is not evenly exposed to the sun and elements; and that gloss (60° incident angle) loss will not exceed 40% when measured on exposed painted surfaces which have been cleaned of external deposits and the corresponding values measured on unexposed original painted surfaces. The gloss shall be measured using standard procedures as defined by “Standard Test Method for Specular Gloss” - ASTM D523-89.


AL13 - 15 YEAR LIMITED FINISH WARRANTY. V-line woodgrain finishes class 2 (super durable). AL13 warrants to the customers that all V-line woodgrain are completed by an authorized Decoral system® licensee (called the applicator) shall be free from workmanship and/or material defects for the period specified below, subject to the conditions of this agreement. AL13 and the applicator’s liability under this warranty shall be limited to the refinishing and/or job credit towards the replacement of the nonconforming products coated, as determined by the applicator in its sole discretion and does not include removal or the installation cost. Any job credits issued shall be limited to 200% of the original finishing cost.

Product coated will not fade in color more than five units as measured by hunter lab color difference as set forth in astm d2244 section 6.3 as of the application date and in such way as to significantly adversely affect the appearance of the surface to which the product has been applied and result in damage to the surface. Coated surface will exhibit gloss retention of a minimum of 50% of the original as measured in accordance with astm d523 using 60 degree reading. In addition, coating shall not chalk in excess of standard number 8 as illustrated in the astm d64214 test method.

Decoral system® wood grain coatings when applied and cured on a clean, pretreated substrate will not peel, chip, crack or blister. end user responsibility maintenance and cleaning must be documented in accordance to the manufacturer of the coated products instructions. A systematic maintenance program must be instituted to clean the surface periodically so as to prevent accumulation of concentrated salt deposits (coastal areas) and foreign debris. Claims any claim for defect under this warranty must be submitted to the applicator in writing within 30 days after the discovery. The applicator must be given the opportunity to inspect the job and/ or job site to determine the cause of failure. General provisions except as expressly provided in this warranty, the applicator makes no other warranties, express or implied including the warranty of merchantability; no warranty of fitness for particular purpose and no warranty for noninfringement. The applicator is not responsible for any incidental or consequential damage, loss or injury to persons or property. Certain states do not allow limitation on the duration of an implied warranty or whether a warranty can exclude or limit incidental or consequential damages, therefore these limitations may not apply to you.


The AL13 V-line system finish warranty is subject to the following conditions: (a) Normal atmospheric conditions exclude corrosive or aggressive atmospheres such as those contaminated with chemical fumes, salt or other corrosive elements, including areas within 305 meters (1000 feet) of a body of salt water. AL13 recommends a fresh water cleaning/maintenance program be in effect to prevent corrosion from accumulated deposits (b) The warranty will not apply to any coated surface, which is not on the exterior surface of a building. (c) The warranty will not extend or cover: (1) Damage to the coating occasioned by moisture or other contamination detrimental to the coating because of improper storage of the coated metal prior to installation; (2) Water damage due to condensation caused by improper packaging of the coated metal prior to installation; (3) Damages to the coated metal caused by handling, shipping, processing and/or installation; or (4) Damages to the coated metal caused by scratching or abrading after installation; or (5) Damages to the coated metal as a result of standing water in horizontal installations; (d) The warranty will not be applicable to damage or failure, which is caused by acts of God, falling objects, external forces, explosions, fire, riots, civil commotion’s, acts of war, or other such similar or dissimilar occurrences beyond AL13™'s control. (e) Customer shall maintain adequate records to establish identification of the coated material and dates of the installation of the coated metal. Customers shall demonstrate that the failure of the coated metal was due to a breach of the warranty stated herein. (f) AL13™ exclusive liability under this warranty, or otherwise, will be limited to refinishing, repairing or replacing - at AL13's sole option - the defective coated metal. The warranty on any refinished, repaired or replaced coated metal supplied hereunder shall be for the remainder of the warranty period applicable to the originally coated metal. All warranty work will be performed by a company or contractor selected by AL13. Color variance between replacement or repainted product and original shall not be indicative of a defect. For warranty registration please visit: http://al13.com/warranty-america.php


THE LIMITED WARRANTIES ARE SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING GENERAL PROVISIONS AND LIMITATIONS. The limited warranties are effective only if there is proper storage, handling, installation and maintenance of the product in strict accordance with the instructions. Claims must be made in writing to AL13 within 30 days of the discovery of a problem and authorization obtained prior to beginning any repair or replacement work. The claimant must provide proof that he / she is a covered person. Claims can be made by writing to AL13 at the Product Performance Department. After receiving such notice, AL13 must be given a reasonable opportunity to inspect and verify the claim. AL13 shall have no liability for defects or damage resulting from (a) misuse or abuse, (b) improper installation, including, but not limited to, inadequate protection against all external damage, (c) performance of coating other than those covered by the limited warranties, (d) contact with harmful chemicals, fumes, or vapors, (e) settlement, shrinkage or distortion of the structure, or (f) Fire, wind, flood, lightning, acts of God or other causes beyond the control of AL13. AL13 shall have no liability for the cost of removing affected products.