Why installers like AL13®

We have met with many installers over the years. Here are 4 reasons why they prefer AL13®.

Reason 01

No respirator required.

Most materials require a respirator. 
AL13® installations do not require the use of respirators. 
Installers prefer AL13® because it is safe and easy to install.

Reason 02

No cracking and moisture issues.

Wood can be time consuming and expensive to maintain. 
Woodpeckers can cause holes and expensive problems.
No cracking and moisture issues.

Woodpeckers are no longer a problem with AL13® plank

Disclaimer: no woodpeckers were harmed in the making of this post.
With AL13® Plank System, you can achieve a premium look and easy installation virtually maintenance free with a 20 year finish warranty (and no woodpeckers!)
  • No need to caulk and seal
  • No cracking/moisture issues
  • 12ft length wood finished plank
  • Virtually no maintenance

Featured project using AL13® plank

2nd street housing

217 14th Ave West, Rochester
  • TYPEResidential Multi Family
  • COLORCherry
  • SYSTEMAL13® Plank
This is 2nd Street Housing, a residential multi-family project in Rochester, Minnesota featuring horizontal plank in 733+1402/02 – Cherry.

Reason 03

It’s fast (saves you time).

Less installation time = Lower costs. AL13® is cut to fit on site.

Reason 04

Designed by installers, for installers!

The founders of AL13® were installers. Our system is engineered for ease of use from the plans to the install.

In the early 2000s, route and return was the only way to achieve a premium ACM look. Route and return can be very expensive, prefabrication is time-consuming. Our founders designed a system that was easy to install.

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How can we help?

How can
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