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Who we are, what we do


Established in 2011, AL13®  is an innovative cladding company created by installers who were unable to access ACM cladding systems and solutions for their clients.

While established route-and-return methods limited the distribution of ACM through proprietary and exclusive relationships – AL13®  has broadened the distribution of ACM by selling through an extensive North American dealer network.

AL13®  effectively turned a proprietary service into a premium product that is now accessible to everyone.

Today, we continue to push innovation that brings value to architects, developers, designers, homeowners looking to bring modern, clean design to their projects.


AL13®  is a leading innovator of aluminum cladding systems that are fully tested for fire, rain, wind, and durability.

Panel System: ULC-S102, ASTM E84, ULC-S134, NFPA 285, AAMA 508, ASTM E330

Plank System: CAN/ULC-S114, ASTM E136, CAN/ULC-S102, ASTM E84, AAMA 508, ASTM E330, AAMA 2604 (woodgrain), AAMA 2605 (PPG)


Corporate brands with tight timelines who seek installation flexibility, value, and brand consistency.

Retrofits and building upgrades that generate higher ROI and increased property values.

New builds that provide access to premium products where otherwise lesser materials would have been specified.


In any geography and climate, our systems are designed to outperform any other cladding alternatives.


Our purpose is to increase the access to premium building products to the broadest market possible.

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