High rises

Commercial and residential high rises featuring AL13® panel and plank systems. All facade systems cut-to-fit on site and integrate seamlessly.

Featured projects

UBC Lot 11 Tower & Townhomes

3381 Ross Drive, University of British Columbia, Vancouver
  • TYPEResidential Multi Family
  • COLORBone White, Cherry
  • SYSTEMAL13 Panel, AL13 Plank
  • TOTAL SQ FT45100
This is UBC lot 11 Tower & Townhomes a project in British Columbia featuring horizontal panel, vertical plank in CC138 – Bone White, 733+1402/02 – Cherry.

The Royals

1441 St. Georges, North Vancouver, BC
  • TYPEResidential Multi Family
  • COLORBrilliant White, Grey
  • SYSTEMAL13 Panel
  • TOTAL SQ FT59,000
The Royals a multi-family project in British Columbia featuring horizontal panel in SD301 – Brilliant White, CC054 – Grey.