Legacy Component Installation Video

The videos below are intended for installations using AL13® Half and Full backplates.

If you are using AL13® Universal Backplates, please refer to the installation videos here.

How to install AL13® from start to finish

How to layout the wall for Half & Full Backplates

Installing AL13® Half & Full Backplates

Using Segmented Backplates with AL13®

Panel System Fascia Bands

In this video, we go through how to install the AL13® Plank System around doors, windows, or any other building opening. 

Panel System Soffit Installation

Installing ACM panel and woodgrain plank systems on soffit installations is faster and easier than ever before.

How to remove a damaged ACM panel

In this video, Keith shows us how easy it is to remove a damaged ACM panel from a completed wall of AL13®

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How can we help?

How can
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