How to Install AL13 from Start to Finish

Here’s a full walkthrough of AL13

In this video series, learn how to install AL13 Panel System and Plank System from the unboxing all the way to the finished product.

01 Unpackaging AL13
In this video we unpackage AL13 and show you what comes in the box.

02 Useful Tools
Here are some useful tools to have ready for your AL13 install

03 Laying Out The Wall
Before install, we lay out the wall to figure out where to put backplates

04 Cutting Backplates
Once measured, we cut backplates to size and prep them for install

05 Installing Backplates
This is how to install AL13 backplates

06 Screws Patterns Every 24 Inches
We do this to ensure our rain screen works properly.

07 Using Segmented Backplates
This is a crucial step when installing AL13

08 Ensuring a Good Substrate
AL13 is a facade system – it will look good if the substrate looks good.

09 Why we use AL13 Gloves
AL13 gloves come with every install kit

10 Unboxing AL13 Panel System
This is what it looks like inside the box of an AL13 Panel System

11 How to cut AL13 Panel on-site
AL13’s ACM Panel System is cut to fit on site and easy to install.

12 What's inside AL13's ACM Core
We have different cores available, including PE and FR core.

13 Why AL13 is Cut-to-Fit on Site
AL13 Panel and Plank Systems are designed for accuracy and precision, helping you achieve material efficiency.

14 Estimating Material Utilization
AL13 provides free estimates and takeoffs for your projects, so you can maximize your ROI.

15 How to cut AL13 extrusions
This is how to properly cut AL13 extrusions

16 Mitered Extrusions for AL13
In this video, we walk you through the possibilities of mitered extrusions.

17 How professionals install AL13
Our territory managers can help you with any professional AL13 install project.

18 Material Overages on AL13
Invest in material overages – they save you time and money in the long run.

19 Installing AL13 System Clips
AL13 system clips help keep the system in place.

20 Installing AL13 Panels
This is how easy it is to install AL13 Panel System.

21 Installing AL13 Planks
This is how easy it is to install AL13 Plank System.

22 Installing AL13 Plank System Clips
This is how easy it is to install AL13 Plank System Clips.

23 Explaining AL13 Plank Sizes
We have 4″ and 6″ sizes for the AL13 Plank System

24 Revealing AL13
This is what it looks like when the install is finished.

25 Use Cases of Panel and Plank
Plank and Panel Systems marry together for a very contemporary look.

26 AL13 - The Final Product
If you have a project that could use AL13, please contact us below.

27 JOINT CLIP INSTALL - How to Join 2 Planks Together
If you have a project that could use AL13, please contact us below.

How can
we help?

How can
we help?

B.C. Representative : Adel Elmourad
Email: [email protected]

How can we help?

How can we help?